Take Cider Vinegar To Curb Your Appetite

Author: Green Cyprus  //  Category: Talk About Food

You many know that taking a few drops of vinegar with or before a meal has been proved to help you lose weight by helping to kill the hunger pangs that make you feel hungry even when you’ve just eaten. Cider vinegar is rich i

n nutrients including vitamin C, manganese and potassium and with its acetic acid content, it makes you feel full up sooner and for longer. It works by reducing the glycemic index (GI) and lets food stay longer in your stomach. It also reduces the risk of mid-afternoon energy slumps which have you reaching out for a snack.

Keen to lose a few pounds the healthy way, I picked up a bottle of Aspall Organic Cider Vinegar this week from Holland & Barrett priced at a very reasonable €2.79. Actually, it makes a pleasant change from lemon and balsamic vinegar so I have decided to put it to the test….

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