Author: Green Cyprus

If you fancy trying your hand at volunteering, there are various environmental and green projects which you can become involved with, all for a worthwhile cause. There are always a number of live projects at any given time. The following is a list of recent and on-going environment campaigns currently calling for volunteers. Please contact the relevant organisation directly:

World Cleanup 2012/Clean Cyprus. Environment Commissioner Charalambos Theopemptou has called for volunteers to support an all-island clean up on 29.9.12 as part of a campaign with   Groups of people are currently being rounded up to go out and clean as well as collecting information on places that need cleaning. Anyone interested in contributing or supporting please visit or call Natasa on +357 22 803460 for more details.

This campaign has now been completed but following the success of Green Cyprus’s Dasoudi Beach clean-up event for Let’s DoIt Cyprus, we have decided to work on ideas for another project to undertake with a team of volunteers in the coming months.

Green Cyprus Project. We are interested in looking at potential projects which must be of benefit to our environment and in keeping with our Green Cyprus ethics; green, organic & eco-friendly. The project does not need to be a clean-up campaign but it must be something which is worthwhile, make a positive impact and be newsworthy. Also, we prefer a project in which children can participate for educational purposes.

Any ideas? Let us know. Please respond to this post or drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll update here once the project is confirmed.

Vikla reforestation experiment. This is a family reforestation project on a hill near Panayia tou Sinti monastery, in Xeros Potamos valley area. The experiment started in 2006 with the goal to reforest the plot (7 ha) with indigenous species, using as little human intervention as possible. The plot was fenced and about 3,000 1-year old trees were planted, mostly wild olive and hawthorn in a random irregular pattern. The young trees were watered no more than 6 times in total. In 2012 between 500 – 1,000 trees survive and thrive. It is hoped that the experiment will become an example of sensible use of the land in Cyprus. Future plans include the planting of thousands of acorns (in the past Cyprus had large oak forests) as well as strawberry tree seeds. All volunteers interested in assisting are very welcomed. Please see website or contact