Nature Parks & Gardens

Author: Green Cyprus

Cyherbia Organic Herbs of Cyprus. Cyherbia gardens and nature park is situated in the village of Avgorou, and includes a beautifully landscaped herb garden, a woodland area with the endemic trees and shrubs of Cyprus, and the first and only maze of the island.

At CyHerbia Gardens all kinds of Mediterranean herbs are grown organically that make the most delicious teas which not only taste great but help you stay healthy too, as well as addressing possible health problems. Cyherbia distill their own essential oils and make fragrant soaps and other herbal products. The main Cyherbia garden is divided up into 9 different areas of herbs, each dealing with specific areas of our lives from including cooking, medicinal and skincare.

The soon-to-be-completed Maze, with over 600m of twisting paths in between tall hedges offers 2000 sq metres of green fun to be had by both kids and adults alike.

You can also take a walk around the woodland. The Island of Cyprus has been set out using the Cyprus tree, tall and columnar, with a pathway taking you around the coastline. Here you may be able to see the many birds, reptiles and insects of this island. There are many permanent residents in the woodland, from Lizards to Praying Mantis, Butterflies to Ladybirds and Falcons to Swallows and Swifts. The diversity is incredible. You may be able to see many of these during your visit and you can even take note of each one in a special booklet for future reference.

The walk guides you round the Island of Cyprus, taking you to various key points of interest,.  Visit Paphos, Limassol, Larnaca, Protoras and Kyrenia all in a single short walk. You will discover the many different types of trees indigenous to the island, each marked to describe the plant itself.

Please visit for futher information about opening times or call 99915443.