Use Lemons For Your Laundry!

Author: Green Cyprus  //  Category: Green Tips

Lemons have hundreds of practical applications around the house, from polishing stainless steel appliances to brightening laundry. The citric acid in lemons gives them powerful natural cleaning abilities so they are ideal for eliminating stains and for use as a laundry bleach also eliminating the need for unnecessary chemical cleaners.

Here are two laundry uses which actually work! 

Eliminate stains

Sweat, grass, wine, tomato and other stains can be lifted right out with a little lemon juice. Blot up as much of the offending substance as possible, and then saturate the stain with juice. Sprinkle with salt and then rub the salt in. Then, toss the garment into the wash. 

Brighten laundry without bleach

You don’t need bleach to brighten whites that have dulled or yellowed. Add a quarter-cup of lemon juice to the rinse cycle when washing white laundry, and then hang the items to dry on a clothesline in the sun. The combination of the lemons and sunlight will have your whites looking good as new.