Organic Food

Author: Green Cyprus

Green Cyprus stands firm in its belief in the organic food movement. We are against and the use of pesticides and growth enhancers widely used in farming as well as unnecessary additives and preservatives included in many processed food products. Research has shown that many of the chemicals used in farming and food production present dangers to our health and can cause allergies and intolerances.

The huge amounts of pesticides used in farming not only find their way into our ecosystem, there are real concerns about the links between pesticides and cancers. Antibiotics are also routinely use in farming as growth promoters and to prevent disease. It is thought that the over-use of antibiotics in animals may be contributing to the increasing cases of superbugs such as MRSA.
Organic farming does not permit the use of pesticides and growth enhancers while artificial additives, colours, preservatives and genetically modified ingredients (GMO’s) are all banned in the production of organic food. The avoidance of chemicals and pesticides pumped into organic food means it is free from potentially dangerous toxins. Many people agree that it also tastes better. Certainly enough reasons, we believe, to ensure that organic foods, particularly the important basics, feature regularly in your shopping trolley.

At Green Cyprus, we believe that organic food isn’t a luxury. It’s how food’s supposed to be!

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