Green Virtual Exhibition

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Green Virtual Exhibition.


Green Dot Festival

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Green Dot Festival: 25th May, 2012 Akropolis Park, Nicosia.

green dot

Greener Alternatives To Cow’s Milk

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If you have given up, or are thinking of substituting cow’s milk with an alternative either for health or other reasons, here’s a good analysis from The Ecologist.

With the exception of Buffalo milk (not for me, thank you!) the other varieties including organic versions are all available here in Cyprus from health stores and supermarkets. Some of the larger coffee bar chains such as Costa & Starbucks offer soya milk as an alternative too so you can have your latte without cow’s milk if you wish!

Green Energy Could Save The Economy

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An excellent article about how a green economy could save Cyprus…

Green Bridge Over Troubled Water

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With the recent economic turbulence, staying optimistic about the future is a challenge. Still too early to tell how badly the effects of the bailout will hit us, it may seem as though we are drifting from day to day in a state of limbo. This uncertain state of affairs perhaps casts a shadow over green issues relating to Cyprus while we dwell on what has happened and ponder over what the future is going to be following the economic collapse.

It is pleasing then that at the time of writing this article, a recent photograph of an illegal shark-catching incident taken in Latchi which came my way via Facebook has, at the time of writing, been shared by close on 200 people in 24 hours. Apply the multiplier effect, and the number of people who have seen the post rapidly increases. Add to that all the comments that the photograph has created and it is easy to see that strong environmental ethics are evident in Cyprus judging by the reaction to this post.

Without going into further detail here, you can visit Nireas Marine Research facebook page to view the photograph and the accompanying conversations that have opened up following the illegal catching of this particular shark. There are also conversation streams both on my Green Cyprus and personal pages. Of course we know that this practice has been going on for a while despite the fact that it is illegal, but sometimes it takes an action like the circulation of a photograph to anger people enough to want to do something about it. Apart from the fact that it is illegal, there is of course the ethical factor involved and ignorance regarding the tampering of our precious marine life and throwing our delicate eco-system off-balance.

Along with the aftermath of the bailout, the underlying importance of incidences like these illustrate why it has never been more important for us to embrace an eco-culture and green ethics into our way of life. These aspects have never been a priority for any government inCyprus but that must change. Now is the time for reflection about how we live our lives, the time to rebuild the country’s infrastructure in a more sustainable, green and caring manner. We need smart, bold solutions and the overall green development of the economy, from agriculture to tourism, is key to a positive and productive future, as is a more responsible attitude towards our environment.
Followers of Green Cyprus will be aware that I have written on this subject area in previous blogs and a green economy section is featured on this website. I also urge you to read an excellent article written by Constantinos Christofides for the Cyprus Mail, 18th April on this link

In Christofides words, “The creation of the Green State must become the national objective, as it will give direction to our struggling economy, open new windows of opportunity for the young generation, create jobs, drastically improve our competitiveness and allow us to live in a cleaner, safer environment.”

I couldn’t have put it better myself. This is a clever strategic move for Cyprus with a feel good factor that will undoubtedly have positive repercussions in many ways for each of us individually and the country as a whole. While it will take a long time to rebuild and revitalise, there’s no better time than now for Cyprus to go green.

On the Green Cyprus facebook page, as well as being a place for all things green, I regularly hear from disgruntled fans about issues relating to inappropriate littering, rubbish dumping and other environmental concerns such as illegal shark fishing as discussed in this article. There is a growing interest in these areas from a large number of people who care about the place they live and who seek a cleaner and greener Cyprus.

Green Cyprus has also set up a facebook group called The Phoenix Group to discuss ways in which Cyprus’s economy could be revitalised. Suggestions or solutions incorporating ‘green’ ethics or economic policies are invited to help us push forward and kick start the economy again. You are welcome to join the group and the discussions here

You can of course also join the Green Cyprus main page and keep in touch with news and information about all things green in Cyprus.