Cyprus: 60,000 Net Metering Installations By 2016

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Part of the government’s efforts to restart the country’s troubled economy through development of the green sector. We just hope that the banks will be in a situation to enable households to secure green loans! Click here…

Cyprus: Ecologically In The Red

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Today more than 80% of the world’s population live in countries that use more resources than are renewably available within their own borders. These countries are ecological debtors. They rely for their needs on resource reserves concentrated in ecological creditor countries which use less biocapacity than they have.

. VERY interesting!


Green Energy Could Save The Economy

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An excellent article about how a green economy could save Cyprus…

Christine Lagarde On Green Economics

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Christine Lagarde on green economics…

"We need growth, but we also need green growth that respects environmental sustainability. Good ecology is good economics. This is one reason why getting carbon pricing right and removing fossil fuel subsidies are so important", Christine Lagarde, WEF Opening. Read the full speech

Solar To Meet 100% Electricity Demand By 2050?

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This report based on research on 6 countries and 1 region shows that less than 1 percent of the total land mass would be required to meet 100 percent of projected electricity demand in 2050, if generating electricity only with solar PV.

It is possible so why aren’t we doing it now? And what a shame that considering our electricity issues, Cyprus wasn’t included in the research.

World To Go Vegetarian By 2050?

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If you have followed our posts and reports on predicted food shortages, this current article may come as no surprise. Food for thought!



Is Sustainability The Key To Corporate Success?

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A recent study* has found that companies which adopted environmental, social and governance policies in the 1990s have outperformed those that didn’t.

Companies that manage their environmental and social performance have superior financial performance and actually create more value for their shareholders. They do this by attracting and keeping better and more committed employees and have more loyal customers. As societal expectations for responsible environmental and social practices by companies continue to increase, the performance advantage of high-sustainability companies will increase too, because they will be contributing to a sustainable society. Failure to have a culture of sustainability is quickly becoming a source of competitive disadvantage.

Read the full article extracted from the Guardian *Study conducted by: Robert G. Eccles, professor of management practice at Harvard Business School, Ioannis Ioannou assistant professor of strategy and entrepreneurship at London Business School & George Serafeim, assistant professor of business administration at Harvard Business School.

Green Economy Report

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UNEP’s Towards a Green Economy: Pathways to Sustainable Development & Poverty Eradication is a comprehensive 631 page examination of the Green Economy. The report can be  and is also viewable chapter by chapter under sections including tourism, agriculture, water, energy and waste. A must read for all budding green economists!

Green Economy Webinar Links

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Here’s a series of webinars you may wish to bookmark for when you have time to participate, including ‘The role of Green Economy in generating job opportunites’.


Green And Growth Go Together

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This article from The Guardian says you can’t have a healthy economy without a healthy environment. Green and growth must go together….Like we always stress here at Green Cyprus, Smart thinkers think Green!