Naturigin Organic Shampoo

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Who says organic has to be expensive? We found this organically-certified shampoo with lemongrass & honey at Chilly’s in Limassol yesterday. Having now tested it out, I’m rather impressed with the results so I will be returning to buy the remaining stock tomorrow! Priced at an unbelievable €1.75, get it while you can!


A Greener Foil

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Green Cyprus has just discovered a 100% Recycled Foil by BacoFoil at All Organic Market, Limassol priced at an economical 1.99 euros. Although we always recommend not using aluminium foil for cooking – baking paper (also pictured) is safter – foil is often useful around the house for other purposes or kids school projects so, nice to finally have a recycled version!

Ouzo Green

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We were impressed to find this organic ouzo on display at the Anakyklos Environment Festival. Called Ouzo Green, it is certified organic and made by LOEL in Cyprus….worth a try!

A Greener Cling Film

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Did you know that your average roll of cling film contains plasticisers that can leach into oily foods and have undetermined health effects? It is best to avoid wrapping high-fat foods such as cheeses in cling film a
nd not to use it in contact with food that is microwaved.

Although there are still some question marks over health and environmental issues it is better to use unbleached parchment paper where possible. However, there are times when a little cling film comes in handy…Green Cyprus has discovered this Non-PVC All Purpose Cling Film in E&S Hypermarket, Ayia Phyla, Limassol, priced just over €2. Definitely a safer, greener option!


Snopake Bio2 Bio-Degradable Office Products

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Snopake Bio2 is a range of bio-degradable polypropolene products which are ideal for school or the office.

Traditional plastic materials can last indefinitely. While this provides us with durable products, it does cause problems – when a product is discarded it remains in the environment for a very long time. Traditional plastics cannot bio-degrade as their molecules are larger than the micro-organisms that cause bio-degradation. However a new technique – oxo-biodegradation has now enabled products to be made that will completely bio-degrade when disposed of with the added bonus of being as durable as traditional plastic. As a result this process takes just a matter of months rather than many years and the resultant breakdown actually filters back into the ecosystem.

So now, when you tell people you’re being environmentally friendly, you really are! Snopake Bio2 products include ringbinders, files, pockets, swingfiles, twinfiles, display books and A4 organisers and are available at Kyriacou Bookshops.

Organic Care Kids Shampoo & Conditioner

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Green Cyprus loves this new kids shampoo and conditioner; Organic Care, which we found in All Organic, Limassol. Free from sls, parabens and petro-chemical cleansers as well as being cruelty-free, this Australian brand not only smells divine, it IS really good! So good in fact, I’ll be trying out the adult range myself – there’s a large variety to choose from for your hair’s needs. Priced around 6.50 euros, it’s a fairly large bottle so in our opinion, well worth it.

BPA-Free Foldable Water Bottles

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The green detectives are at it again! Here’s another great find……BPA-Free, Foldable Water Bottles. Spotted in Jumbo Toy Store, these bottles are foldable, reusable, washable, freezable and attachable. And at an unbelievable price of just 99 cents!!! They are great for kids and travelling and save you buying countless plastic bottles of water. Worth a trip to Jumbo? We think so!

Mr Tumee Multi-Vitamins & Minerals

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Here’s another good product I happened to pick up this morning which fits the bill of being a good ‘green’ vitamin supplement: Mr Tumee Multi-Vitamins & Minerals for Kids. Why do I like them? Apart from being kid-friendly in fruity, jelly flavours, they are gelatine-free and vegan! They are also free from gluten, milk, eggs, animal derivatives and preservatives are priced at a very reasonable 12.94 euros for 60. I bought them from Vangelis Lysiotis pharmacy, nr Yermasoyia, Limassol.

Outback Jack Eco-Friendly Insect Repellent Spray

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Eco-product spotted today: This organic eco-friendly insect repellent spray for kids on sale at Emily Pantela pharmacy, Limassol. The brand is Outback Jack by ecokid, especially for kids although I’m sure adults can use it too. It is of course, DEET-free. Priced at 13.80 euros, it should last the summer. Definitely a Green Cyprus recommendation!

Conscious Handmade Raw Chocolate

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Organic, ethical raw chocolate! Available at Organic Fusion Boutique….


Health benefits
Organic raw cacao is the primary source of the ALKALOID Theobromine (the botanical name Theobroma cacao literally means ‘food of the gods’); it also contains high levels of the
FLAVONOIDS catechin and epicatechin, which are ANTIOXIDANTS. There is a plethora of information relating to scientific and medical research regarding the health benefits of these substances as well as their therapeutic applications.

Ordinarily these substances, along with other essential vitamins and minerals are broken down by a heating processes. Fortunately Conscious Chocolate’s organic, raw ingredients are all sourced as unheated or sun-dried RETAINING ALL the BENEFICIAL properties of the cacao bean.