Use Lemons For Your Laundry!

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Lemons have hundreds of practical applications around the house, from polishing stainless steel appliances to brightening laundry. The citric acid in lemons gives them powerful natural cleaning abilities so they are ideal for eliminating stains and for use as a laundry bleach also eliminating the need for unnecessary chemical cleaners.

Here are two laundry uses which actually work! 

Eliminate stains

Sweat, grass, wine, tomato and other stains can be lifted right out with a little lemon juice. Blot up as much of the offending substance as possible, and then saturate the stain with juice. Sprinkle with salt and then rub the salt in. Then, toss the garment into the wash. 

Brighten laundry without bleach

You don’t need bleach to brighten whites that have dulled or yellowed. Add a quarter-cup of lemon juice to the rinse cycle when washing white laundry, and then hang the items to dry on a clothesline in the sun. The combination of the lemons and sunlight will have your whites looking good as new.

Ways To Re-Use Chalk

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Chalk can be used for more than just letting the kids draw. There are plenty of everyday practical uses for chalk. Did you know that you can use it for:

Freshening your wardrobe: By putting a bundle of chalk in your wardrobe or cupboards, it will help prevent musty odours from developing.

Rust prevention: Chalk will keep moisture out of closed areas, so put a bundle in your toolbox to prevent rust. Not only will your tools look better, but also this will help extend their life. This also works for protecting your silverware.

Keeping ants out: Ants don’t like to cross chalk lines so draw some around doorways, windows or problem areas to keep ants from infiltrating your space.

Green, cost-effective and chemical-free solutions always get our vote!

Avoid Using Petroleum-Based Candles

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Paraffin candles are made from petroleum residues so neither do your health or the environment any good. Soy, beeswax or natural vegetable-based candles are better because they biodegrade, are smoke-free, and much more eco friendly.

Whether for your own use or for gifts, make a special effort and seek out vegetable-base candles from health shops and organic suppliers rather than big commercial brands which are almost definitely paraffin based. Much better to breathe in naturally scented candles made with essential oils than artificially scented candles with paraffin residues!

Buy Lasting Potted Flowers & Plants!

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If you’re planning to give flowers this Christmas, remember to check out what you are buying.

A lot of exotic flowers are grown in greenhouses great distances away and exported around the world. Apart from the issue of transport, there can be high social and environmental costs. For example, in Columbia the flower industry uses enormous quantities of polluting pesticides and in Kenya, horticulture requires a lot of water which reduces local water resources. As an alternative, and since fair-trade/certified organically produced flowers are not available in Cyprus, buy potted flowers or plants from a local supplier who grows their own. Or buy a Green Cyprus favourite; potted herbs e.g. lavender, basil, mint, etc, which not only smell divine but have many other culinary and medicinal uses too!

Don’t Use Commercial Mothballs

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Before shopping for moth-repellent products to prevent those tell-tale little holes appearing in your clothes, think again…

Common mothball crystals contain nitrophenols, paradichlorobenzene (para-DCB) and naphthalene vapour, giving them their smell. All chemical moth killers contain toxic chemicals which hang around in the environment for a long time. Para-DCB is a known carcinogen and repeated exposure at high levels can damage the nervous system and lungs. High levels of naphthalene can lead to headaches, fatigue, nausea and vomiting. Make sure you store your clothes in air-tight storage containers, zippable bags or use natural alternatives such as cedar wood and/or a mixed herb bag including rosemary, lavender, cinnamon, cardamom seed & cloves.

Green Cyprus recommends using hang-up zip up bags which can contain and protect several items of clothing at a time. Add several drops of lavender oil to your final rinse before packing your summer clothes away and for good measure, place a few cedar balls or a herb bag into your wardrobe too. Say goodbye to nasty chemicals in your home…

A Greener Choice Of Cookware

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You may remember our recent post about the dangers of teflon-coated pans and cookware. Due to the toxic chemicals used to make these utensils, we advised using stainless steel pans instead which are safer. Here’s a little updated information about another safe product called Green Pan which are on sale at Alphamega stores. Made of ceramic, they are another alternative, healthier choice for your cooking needs. Priced from 19.90 euros for a small frying pan, the larger ones go up to around 60 euros which may seem a little pricey but they are comparable to some of the big- brand teflon pans and the quality of these pans are really good. If you are thinking about buying new pans in the near future, check these out…

Dispose, Don't Pour!

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Anything you pour down your drain, sink or toilet can eventually end up in the sea (it’s harmful to aquatic life and us) so don’t be tempted to do it! Never dispose of liquids such as oils, grease or hazardous liquids like paint thinners or unused paint by pouring them down the drain. Instead, collect them in one box and dispose of them with the rest of your waste. Keep them all in their individual packaging to avoid possible chemical reactions and where possible, take them to your community collection point. See our Recycling Section for further details.

Avoid Commercial Furniture Polishes

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Furniture polishes are petroleum distillates which are flammable and have been linked with skin and lung cancer. They also contain nitrobenzene, a chemical that is highly toxic and easily absorbed through the skin.

The manufacturers are smart. With their ‘natural’ aromas and ease of use, it’s easy not to give it a second thought before having a quick spray and dust to spruce up your furniture.

Don’t pollute your body, your home and the atmosphere! Green Cyprus recommends seeking out natural, chemical-free alternatives instead.

It does makes you think though that since we produce an abundance of bee-products in Cyprus, honey and beeswax, etc, wouldn’t producing a natural Cyprus beeswax furniture polish be a good business idea for someone? However, if anyone knows of anyone who is already doing it, please let us know so we can contact them and include them in our Green Directory.

Buy Eco-Friendly Dishwashing Detergent

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It is largely biodegradable, less polluting to aquatic habitats and just as effective a cleansing agent as less environmentally-friendly options. Look for eco-friendly washing detergents such as Ecover and Planet and budget-friendly Carrefour’s Eco-Planete. Not only do they do the job well, they contain milder ingredients which are kinder for your skin too…

Check the temperature on your refrigerator, reduce energy, be greener!

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Did you know that if you set the temperatures correctly on your refrigerator and freezer you can reduce energy consumption and be greener! The recommended temperature for a refrigerator is between 1 – 4 degrees centigrade and for the freezer it should be set at -18. Each degree below these temperatures makes no difference as to how well the food is preserved, but it does increase energy consumption by approximately 5%. With today’s electricity prices it all matters, so check your appliances now!