Potentially Harmful Effects of Magnesium Stearate

Author: Green Cyprus  //  Category: Green Chat


If you take food supplements in the form of tablets or capsules, take note. We have just learned that Magnesium Stearate, a component of many supplements is potentially harmful. Contrary to what you may believe, Magnesium Stearate is not a source of magnesium and has no benefits, but may have a detrimental effect on your immune function as it has been linked to suppression of T cells.

Another issue that has been raised is the fact that the stearate is commonly sourced from hydrogenated oils such as cottonseed oil. This crop is often genetically engineered, but even when it’s not, cottonseed oil tends to have very high levels of pesticide residues.

So, it’s worth keeping a lookout for and avoiding any supplement brands that use this additive and in the meantime, Green Cyprus recommends reading the full article on our site.

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