Don’t Use Commercial Mothballs

Author: Green Cyprus  //  Category: Green Tips
Before shopping for moth-repellent products to prevent those tell-tale little holes appearing in your clothes, think again…

Common mothball crystals contain nitrophenols, paradichlorobenzene (para-DCB) and naphthalene vapour, giving them their smell. All chemical moth killers contain toxic chemicals which hang around in the environment for a long time. Para-DCB is a known carcinogen and repeated exposure at high levels can damage the nervous system and lungs. High levels of naphthalene can lead to headaches, fatigue, nausea and vomiting. Make sure you store your clothes in air-tight storage containers, zippable bags or use natural alternatives such as cedar wood and/or a mixed herb bag including rosemary, lavender, cinnamon, cardamom seed & cloves.

Green Cyprus recommends using hang-up zip up bags which can contain and protect several items of clothing at a time. Add several drops of lavender oil to your final rinse before packing your summer clothes away and for good measure, place a few cedar balls or a herb bag into your wardrobe too. Say goodbye to nasty chemicals in your home…

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