Donate Your Old Clothes to Charities

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Green Tip: Donate your old clothes to charities or collection progams. Your old wardrobe will be given a second life as either second-hand clothes or shredded and recycled as raw material for textiles and packaging. This will save precious energy and our scarce natural resources.

Green Cyprus also recommends checking out vintage shops which are springing up in Cyprus for some excellent finds or swapping unwanted items on Facebook’s Swap Shop.

Keep Your Tyres Inflated and Save Money

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Green Tip: Keep your tyres properly inflated. This will reduce wear and tear on them and increase their longevity, thereby saving money. It also saves precious raw material: it takes 27 litres of crude oil to produce a new tyre. Under-inflated tyres also increase fuel consumption by up to 10%. Check your tyres at least once a month. It only takes a few minutes.

Clean Your Refrigerator Coils and Save Electricity

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Green Tip: Clean the dusty coils behind your refrigerator to help disperse the heat to increase the energy efficiency of the refrigerator. Dusty coils can waste as much as 30% extra electricity! Simply vacuum away the dust or use a brush – well worth the effort with current electricity costs!

Say No To Aluminium

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Say NO to Aluminium. Aluminium poses a very serious danger to the human body, even in small amounts. Complications include stomach and intestinal disorders, Parkinsons Disease, liver disease, skin problems, headaches, heartburn, learning disorders in children….and the list goes on.

Aluminium does not occur as a free metal but is found in minerals and ores. In its natural state it doesn’t pose a threat. It’s plentiful, (most abundant metal in the earth), and it is cheaply extracted for use in many things. It is resistant to corrosion and very light weight. For these reasons, it is used widely, in places you may not even thing to look for it. We wear it, cook in it, with it, eat and drink it and there is no use for aluminium in the human body. It is dangerous, toxic, to the human body and we continue to use it.

So the message is….stop! Aluminium is present in a large number of consumer products including: cookware, foil, cans, medications and vaccines, talcum powder, lipstick, deodorant, baking powder and cake mixes to name a few. For cooking, Green Cyprus recommends Unbleached Totally Chlorine-Free Parchment Baking Paper (see photo). Available from all good health shops.

Give Up Non-Stick Cookware

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Give up non-stick cookware. Did you know that non-stick pots and pans are coated with certain toxic chemicals which may cause health problems, particularly when they are heated to high temperatures? Fumes are strong enough to cause polymer-fume fever, a temporary flu-like condition marked by chills, headache, and fever. Adults will survive this exposure but they are dangerous for the health of children and pet birds have been known to die from exposure to these fumes. The two chemicals found in non-stick cookware are PFOA and PFOS. PFOA is being phased out in the US due to the associated dangers. Be in the know; choose stainless steel or cast iron cookware instead!