Avoid Commercial Furniture Polishes

Author: Green Cyprus  //  Category: Green Tips

Furniture polishes are petroleum distillates which are flammable and have been linked with skin and lung cancer. They also contain nitrobenzene, a chemical that is highly toxic and easily absorbed through the skin.

The manufacturers are smart. With their ‘natural’ aromas and ease of use, it’s easy not to give it a second thought before having a quick spray and dust to spruce up your furniture.

Don’t pollute your body, your home and the atmosphere! Green Cyprus recommends seeking out natural, chemical-free alternatives instead.

It does makes you think though that since we produce an abundance of bee-products in Cyprus, honey and beeswax, etc, wouldn’t producing a natural Cyprus beeswax furniture polish be a good business idea for someone? However, if anyone knows of anyone who is already doing it, please let us know so we can contact them and include them in our Green Directory.

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