Alexey Kuzmichev success story

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Biography and facts

First business In 1988, together with Mikhail Fridman and other MISIS graduates, he worked in the cooperatives "Courier" and "Alfa-Photo". In 1989 he helped found Alfa-Eco, a Swiss-Soviet joint venture, the first Alfa Group company. In 2006, Alfa-Eco was renamed A1.

Equity Third shareholder after Mikhail Fridman and German Khan in LetterOne Holdings (L1), (oil and gas company Wintershall DEA (33%), VEON - 56.2%, Turkcell - 19.8%) and assets of the Alfa Group consortium (Alfa Bank - 90.1%, AlfaStrakhovanie, X5 Retail Group - 47.9%) (as of February 24, 2022).

Sanctions In March 2022, the European Union and Great Britain imposed sanctions against Kuzmichev. After that he left the boards of directors of LetterOne and all the companies which were part of Alfa Group. Together with German Khan, who had been sanctioned, he gave his stake in Alfa Bank to another partner, Andrei Kosogov.

Detail He is fascinated by modern art. He is friends with the American photographer Paglen Trevor, who takes pictures of secret objects with a telescope. Kuzmichev owns one of his most famous works, a night photo of the NSA (U.S. National Security Agency).

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