Alexander Abramov biography

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Alexander Abramov biography

First business In the late 1980s he traded in medical equipment. In the 1990s, together with Alexander Frolov (#37), obtained control over three steel mills, on the basis of which the Evraz Mining and Metallurgical Group was created.

Equity stake in Evraz Mining and Metallurgical Group (19.32%).

The deal

In 2021, Abramov and his

Billionaire partners Frolov, Roman Abramovich (#17) and Evgeny Shvidler (#1818 in

Forbes global list) sold a 75% stake in timber producer RFP Group to Japan's Iida Group Holdings. The amount of the deal

Japanese Iida Group Holdings amounted to $525 million, including repayment of debts and investments of $150 million.

Real Estate In New Zealand Abramov owns a villa. According to The New Zealand Herald, its price is $40 million.

Philanthropy Founder of the Foundation for the Development of Innovative Education in the Field of Science. The foundation pays scholarships to gifted students.

Hobbies: fishing, swimming, tennis.

Triple seven (777) yacht, 66.7 m length, estimated cost $40 mln.

Awarded the Order of Friendship and the Order of St. Sergius of Radonezh.

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