About Us

Author: Green Cyprus

Green Cyprus is for everyone interested in living a cleaner, greener lifestyle and those who care about their environment. As the world becomes more concerned about the environmental impact of its actions, Cyprus is no exception and it is evident that more and more of us are realising that it makes sense to embrace a green way of life. It’s not just beneficial for us and those around us but for the island as a whole too, from both an environmental and economic perspective.

If you ever thought that being green is merely a passing trend, then think again! Consumers are increasingly demanding more and more green, organic and eco-friendly products, perhaps partly in response to the toxic overload we now experience in modern-day society. Even businesses and other organisations have come to realise the importance of greener ethics and now purposely employ green tactics as part of their business strategies. 

We’re sure you’ll agree there’s a feelgood factor involved with playing your part in making the world a greener and better place. Doing something which helps preserve our planet and improve our health, from eating organically to using eco-friendly products and recycling rubbish, we can all play our part. In Cyprus, we are lucky to to have access to a large selection of organic food, and all major towns offer well-stocked organic shops. There are eco-hotels, green pursuits and a whole host of other ethical products on offer to satisfy even the greenest of demands!

On this site, you have it all at your fingertips: a green products & services directory, a regular blog featuring discussions on all things green, green chat, with informative articles in the press and green kids, offering your children an insight into being green.

Our mission is to create the most comprehensive green site in Cyprus providing access to a wealth of information about everything green, organic & eco-friendly and to promote a healthier way of life and greener place to live. We hope you’ll join us in helping to achieve our mission. We can only do it together. Here’s to a great Green Cyprus!